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The sights and sounds of KIGEZI are original concepts of Bafumbira, Bakiga, and Batwa who share the language, clans, ethnicity and customs..

The mystery surrounding the Batwa community is that they're inherently hunters and gatherers. The true custodians and environmental conservationists of the fauna and floras which largely dominates the Virunga masif into the deep vast forests of the Congo.

The Bafumbira are mostly peasants and cattle keepers. Due to human interference to the environs, over population and effects of climate change, most peasants have emigrated to other parts of the country.

The Bakiga who also practice peasantry have been forced in the recent years to relocate to other depopulated parts of Uganda, in order to holistically raise their economic growth and development.
This diversity within and in the diaspora has contributed to minimising food shortages in some areas where drought patterns  cause hunger and starvation in communities.

The greatest achievements that these people of the Kigezi highlands have in common is that through education there has been an impact in the social, economic, historical, cultural and political changes of Uganda and the diaspora.

The younger generation's unique abilities to cope with the changing world from analogue to digital has enabled a semblance of unification in diversity. This has inspired some youths into making a difference amongst the disadvantaged communities of the minority #Batwa through Arts based lifeskills.


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