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  • 27 Oct 2020
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Beatrice is an Author and public Speaker; she Co-Authored the perfect migrant”, how to be your own boss” and now Her new Autobiography “Drudgeries for Feat” which means toil for success. This book is about her difficult trajectory to self-discovery and success. the book is published by diverse cultures publishers (UK) the company run by Amina Chitembo. she gives black authors the opportunity to tell their stories their own way. she is in the final stages of completing her PhD and her research focuses on highly skilled and qualified migrant women and their inclusion in leadership and entrepreneurship, her experience and knowledge on issues affecting migrants is diverse and makes her company ideal in putting Beatrice’s story to print.


It`s black history month this October. For countless generations Africans have shaped the history of many countries making huge differences to cultural life in these countries. throughout this month we remember icons like Martin Luther king, Maya Angelo, Alice Ball, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Busby the first black British female book publisher and many more. Beatrice represents black excellence in German because she is black and portrays great qualities and abilities that make the black community proud ,her efforts to help immigrants assimilate started with volunteering for NGOs whose objectives were to help migrants assimilate in their respective communities , her bold resignation from some of these volunteer jobs was because some NGOs put selfish personal financial interests ahead of the interests of  migrants which she detested openly.

Migration has become a central narrative in international news and politics. Whether it is African migrants risking death to cross the Mediterranean on a little more than inflatable rafts or rickety boats or Syrian refugees fleeing bombs, migration makes front page news. Migration, like most social phenomena, does not happen in a vacuum. “There are reasons why people decide, or are forced to flee their homes. Understanding and writing about the realities that precede migration is necessary, not only to understand migrations, but also to generate empathy for migrants and refugees because It is easy to look at immigrants with contempt when you don’t know them and don’t know their stories”. Many Stories from migrants involving razor-edged episodes of discrimination and inequality are the ties that bind many migrants. Her Story will take you on a journey that inspires you to learn more about migrants’ challenges and how to leverage on opportunities in a foreign country. her book reflects social values in a culture that doesn’t motivate migrants in their pursuit of a meaningful life.

In this book Beatrice pours out intense memories of difficult circumstances she went through as an immigrant in German and shows how she rose through the ranks in the complex matrix system to become her own boss. Like all budding entrepreneurs She read situations very clearly and shaped both herself and the situations to her advantage. Having the flexibility to adjust ethics to fit the situation by emphasizing purpose over principle was key in determining her path to success by allowing situations to dictate her actions while focusing on creativity to maintain credibility.

Beatrice decided to tell her story to satisfy peoples curiosities and teach important lessons about life in the diaspora. No matter who you are or where you come from, the human spirit needs to be validated, her story means so much in every sense of culture and ethnicity, no matter how migrants got to their host countries their experiences  are planted in stories and shared lived experiences and migrants need to seek out those stories that shed light on who they are in our host countries. Her story and path to success is one of resilience, determination, hard work as well as maximizing opportunities that presented themselves in a system that indiscriminately treats migrants like second hand citizens. “I recognized the importance of being first, fast and right, striving to seize and take full advantage of opportunities is why I was among the first black women to enter the wellness and beauty therapy industry in Germany”.

Beatrice points out the reasons why African migrants don’t cooperate and then fail to assimilate within their communities. Without interaction, migrants may end up living ‘parallel lives’ with very limited relationships in the wider community. In the absence of actual interaction with others, prejudice and inaccurate stereotypes are more likely to shape attitudes about others. As well as undermine social interconnection, this can undermine migrants’ opportunities to turn any rights of social and economic equality into realities. Because different dimensions of equality (e.g. getting a job, gaining citizenship, developing social relationships and networks) are often inter-related, this can seriously undermine migrants’ empowerment and potential for greater integration.

Immigrants are always a marginalized ethnic minority in any country. For migrants to escape insecurity, adversities and harsh conditions, entrepreneurship becomes the last resort for them to survive. Many migrants have become   successful entrepreneurs in America, United Kingdom, France, Germany and several countries across the globe. Beatrice  shows us in this book that for migrants especially women the road to success is much tougher because of there are many obstacles that stand in their way to achieving their mission, for Beatrice she was not only a black woman but a mother too ,all these circumstances were against her but she triumphed because for her failure was no option, her desire to become independent and autonomous was a matter of life and death she either had to break free from toxic work environments that exploited, discriminated and underpaid her or become self-employed. She made bold decisions to quit many work places and this in a way triggered her desire to start up her own business. “I continually adjusted ends, means, values, and circumstances with awareness of each impact. All four of these decision dimensions are variables and partial determinants of each other. It's this fluid view of these variables that provided me with the flexibility to determine the ends, forge the means, shape circumstances, and understand their value limits”. 


Beatrice Hofmann is director and co-founder Sokoni links limited a directory and advertising platform for promoting Business relationships across East Africa. she runs the company together with other co-founders Herbert Obwoya, Oula David and William Draku. The services provided by Sokoni-links are undisputed; the company doesn’t only list featured Businesses and present avenues for Direct Contact with prospective customers but also provides affordable Advertising Strategies for Companies to explicitly and responsively present Images, Videos and any form of communication they want to share with their customers. it’s an extremely effective mode of communication between businesses and customers.


She is a strong black gifted woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her profession of wellness and holistic therapy. Her drive to acquire education and training in her field of wellness and therapy and master the German language amidst rejection from family and overcome several other obstacles is what one can only describe as commendable. Her love for education and self-development could be the reason She Co-founded the Free University in the City of Oberhausen. Her journey is concrete proof that migrants can build successful lives in foreign countries if they have purpose and direction.  Migrants will find this book empowering and rewarding, it will guide them through with a broad spectrum of valuable tips and lessons that teach everyone that success aboard comes from a combination of several factors that you will all find in this book. Enjoy the book and recommend it to others.

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 Written By Oula David




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