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  • 21 May 2021
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In Uganda today, the Propagation of smart Devices and the readily available access to Internet Services has reinforced steady migration to digitization. People of all facets of life are finding growing need to possess a smart phone or a computer to get connected to the global network of communication and information.

Using digital marketing channels has benefits for both the customer and the business, it increases value, economic utility and customer satisfaction. Consumers can reduce their purchasing costs, find inaccessible products, services as well as increase their shopping convenience while obtaining enhanced utility especially through time and place.

Value addition provided by using digital marketing platforms is in form of information and utility which has an effect on Consumer Behavior, Price, Profit, loyalty, satisfaction, repurchase behavior and other strategic decisions of the business. The stakes are high for businesses because their existence let alone their survival and profitability will inevitably depend on how they maximize their online presence and utilize Online Service Platforms for purposes of increasing sales and profitability.

Joining The E- marketing boom will help any brand create solid online presence, these new trends are inevitable. For this reason, every business is rushing there without a clear understanding of what digital marketing platforms offer their brands or businesses, the scope of digital marketing channels and how best their businesses can utilize these channels because each invariably targets different customers and offers different benefits. Sites like offers customers additional benefits, instead of conducting expensive traditional customer research there are avenues for businesses to quickly view customer response rates and measure the success of their marketing campaign in real-time.

sokoni-links bridges the gap that restricts connection between the buyer and the seller who must at all times create avenues to inform the buyer or potential buyer about their offerings. Online visibility becomes a very important element and should be embedded in all corporate governance structures of companies, and they need to embrace this new wave whole heartedly.

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